Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions:

1. Birth Details must be given accurately.

2. If you make any error in giving the Date, Time and Place of Birth, then the predictions may go completely wrong.

3. No one will be allowed to change the Birth Details in the middle of the analysis.

4. No refund is possible, if the wrong birth details are submitted.

5. We do analysis of the Horoscope by ourselves and do not rely on the existing horoscopes. Hence do not send the scanned copy of the existing horoscope.

6. we analyze and discuss limited amount of horoscopes on daily basis. Hence we need atleast 5 working days to fix appointments for the discussions. Please confirm your date and time for the discussion with the Author before placing an order.

7. The Reports are all typed by the Author (personally) and sent as a MS - Word document and shared through Google Drive. Hence we need another 5 working days to send the Report.

8. The Discussions are done through telephone only. Those who are willing to visit directly, they can choose this option too.

9. The call must be made by the peoples, whose horoscopes are being analysed.

10. The call must be initiated within 10 minutes from the allocated time of discussions. Otherwise the discussion gets cancelled and allocated at the next available time within 5 days. If the calls are not done at the designated time again, then the discussion gets cancelled completely. No refund is allowed for non-utilization of the allocated timings.

11. Those who want to clear doubts after the original discussions and/or after getting the Reports, they must send their request for an appointment for the short discussions again through the mail. Questions will not be answered through the e-mail.

12. We shall never publish or share any information about the horoscope of any individual, even if the request comes from their close relatives or associates.

13. The Amount can be transfered directly to our Bank accounts (You can deposit in any bank that are listed). You must send the details of the Bank, the amonut deposited and the name on which that amount has been paid to our mail id. You can also send the screen shot of the Payment details.

14. You must add Rs. 50/- extra, if you are depositing the money directly into my account through any other non-home barnches.

To Know about the Charges for various charges, please click HOROSCOPE CHARGES

To Know about the List of Banks to deposit the money, please click BANK DETAILS

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